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I love exciting new projects in diverse fields. Please see below a few of them.

Brett Webster Group

Founder & Lyricist

Brett Webster Group is my group company for my business activities.

The company will have diverse interests, focusing on music, future subsidiaries and more.

Currently I work on projects in my personal capacity such as website building and more.

I'm also super passionate about music and love creating new songs. I can't wait to release them into the world. I enjoy writing lyrics and it's what I am best at.


Mobile Apps

Founder & Co-Founder

I have gained some unique insights into what apps are needed in the world. I am in the process of building apps. I believe positive apps can make a positive difference in user's lives.


Have a look at some of the apps & companies I'm working on here 


Peace Silk ®


Peace Silk ® is a very unique silk which originates from India. The silk worm and moth is unharmed during the making of the silk. Therefore Peace Silk ® is cruelty free and also created with an organic method. The final Peace Silk ® products are crafted in South Africa empowering local seamstresses. Peace Silk ® is sold through partners and is also now available directly through

RebeccaAnn–PeaceSilk–Lifestyle-66 2.jpg

Smart SOS Devices


We are proud to be reselling the all new Plegium® Smart Emergency Button in South Africa.

It is a silent, smart alarm which alerts your contacts that you are in danger with your exact location via text and also places a phone call.

Visit or purchase:


Further Projects

Founder & Co-Founder

I'm exploring further projects in line with my vision to enhance life for every individual, animal and the planet. Some of these include Music, Sports & Fitness, Philanthropy, Media, Health & Beauty, Luxury, Investment projects and more.

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