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Entrepreneur. Musical Artist. Humanitarian.



Brett Webster, a multitalented entrepreneur, musical artist, and humanitarian, embodies the attributes of balance, perseverance, and the Blue Ocean strategy in business.


He believes in the reciprocity of giving and receiving, emphasizing a joyful and spirit filled life.


Passionate about business and fitness, Brett engages in activities such as gym, running and padel.


Dedicated to fostering positive change in the world, he enthusiastically supports a wide array of meaningful and diverse causes.


His love for lyricism and music recording connects directly to his aspiration to share his music with the world and create a genuinely fun & positive impact through his art.


Integrating his passions with technology, Brett embraces the Ikigai lifestyle, dedicated to giving back and enjoying life to the fullest. 


His objective is to positively impact millions of lives, leveraging technology to scale and amplify the reach of his efforts. "Helping the World and having fun!". Brett's wish for all, is Peace, Love & Joy.

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